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What does the future hold for us all?
Hear RMIT graduate and spoken word artist Chalise van Wyngaardt speak about the attitude you need to take on tomorrow.

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Don’t Wait Your Turn

By Chalise van Wyngaardt

Inspiration doesn’t wait its turn.
It grabs you by the ear and whispers you ideas you can’t forget,
flicks paint in your face,
flashes visions of a road before you
that you didn’t even know existed,
and neither did the rest of the world.

Creativity doesn’t wait in line,
there isn’t time. It knows
the world is desperate for the wild ones
hungry for change,
it hurricanes
into impatient lungs
breathing in innovation
and exhales storms that shift foundations.

Breakthrough is impatient.
It isn’t listening for someone else’s cue.

It is a hammer that lands in the hands of the brave kid
who won’t wait for permission to smash the barrier
between us and them,
between ignorance and understanding,

between the old and the new,
between you and the future.

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